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Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

Difference Between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

The Difference Between White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. It has to do with the techniques used when trying to improve a website’s on search engine ranking. But Most people use Black Hat SEO Techniques, So Google penalized their website.


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Black Hat Techniques – The use of techniques against Search Engines rules is named Black Hat SEO. But Most people use Black Hat SEO Techniques such as Duplicate Content | Cloaking | Doorway pages | Keyword Stuffing | Hidden text, and many more. But the website does not rank in any search engines that use Black Hat SEO Techniques. Google is penalized of all websites which are used black hat SEO techniquesBlack hat SEO focuses on solely search engines and not such a lot a person’s audience. Black Hat SEO is often employed by people who are searching for a fast come back on their website

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10 Risky Black Hat SEO Techniques

  1. Keyword Stuffing – You writing the Content or Using Keyword Stuffing Gets You Website Penalized by Google Panda.
  2. Hidden Text and Links – If you Build Backlinks but don’t use Hiding Text and Link or Writing Tiny Text.
  3. Duplicate Content – The Website does not Rank If your content is Duplicate/copied found.
  4. Paid links – Mostly people pay to exchange then backlinks,
  5. Article Spinning – Article spinning technique is similar to the Copied and duplicate content it sam.
  6. Gateway & Doorway Pages – The Using Gateway Pages & Doorway Pages to Rank Higher in SERP.
  7. Comment Spamming – If your creat many backlinks by Comment spamming search engines do not like it.
  8. Over Heading optimize – Don’t Include focus keywords without the need in HTML Headings.
  9. Content Automation – Content automation suggests that using tools or scripts to get content automatically.
  10. Cloaking – Using cloaking violates Google Guidelines, Because cloaking is believed to be used to fool the search engine’s algorithm rule


White Hat Techniques – The use of techniques according to Search Engines Algorithm is called White Hat SEO. But most people do not know different about White hat SEO and Black Hat SEOWhite hat SEO refers to the employment of techniques and methods. That focus on a person’s audience opposition an inquiry engine. Techniques that are sometimes employed in white hat SEO embody mistreatment keywords. The relevant keyword analysis, That providing information about your business. But editing meta tags so as for them to be additional relevant, backlinking, link building additionally as writing content for human readers. people who use White Hat SEO expect to create a long investment on their website because the results last an extended time.

Best White Hat SEO Techniques

If you Want your website to rank in the search engines then quality content is very important. Because it shows the search engines that your site content is very unique and appropriate to display. If you optimize content with keyword research, you need to use longtail and short talk keywords for your website’s needs.

Top 10 White Hat SEO Techniques:

  1. Quality and Unique Content
  2. Proper Mention Heading, Title, Meta Description & Targeted Keywords in the Content.
  3. High-Quality backlinks.
  4. Complete sentence with good spelling and grammar.
  5. Optimize Image Labels
  6. Natural Keyword Density, Because the search engine is not like Keyword density
  7. Use Schema for a Competitive Edge
  8. Keyword research and stuffing
  9. Speed Up Your Website using a CDN
  10. SEO Friendly URL very useful to White Hat SEO










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