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What’s better to use for creating a website, WordPress or Wix?

What’s better to use for creating a website, WordPress or Wix?


Wix vs WordPress is not an easy decision, especially if you are starting off with building websites.
The last thing you want to do is commit a lot of time and energy to building a website, then finding out that you have to re-build it again because you picked the wrong website builder.
Both Wix and WordPress are good website builders (see our detailed review of Wix here), but the differences between Wix and WordPress are fairly significant.

If it’s a range of features you’re looking for, WordPress has huge flexibility in that department. This is not to say that Wix doesn’t have excellent features, but WordPress just edges it. Wix is a fantastic, easy to use and great value for money website builder.

Comparing Wix vs WordPress in terms of price can be tricky as they work differently. Basically, Wix’s monthly plans cover all you need from hosting to templates and it even has a free plan! WordPress itself is free, but you’ll have to pay for all the extras yourself.
The cost of a WordPress site can get quite hefty, but more to come on that later. Keep reading to find out, or if you’re interested, why not check out some more builder-specific information in the links below:
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The specific sections regarding Wix vs WordPress:

1. Ease of Use
• Wix. Wix has a visual, intuitive and user-friendly interface where you’ll be doing a lot of dragging, dropping and clicking. The website builder makes it quick and painless to design and publish your site, even if you have no idea about how websites are being made.Wix ADI. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence is the first technological platform in the world, which encompasses website design and content creation with AI. This allows launching full-featured websites in a couple of minutes. The technology lets small businesses create web pages simpler and quicker than ever without the need to know coding, structure or design. Everything an owner will have to do is to answer a few questions about the company and select design variants.The forte of Wix is that it keeps things extremely easy regardless of the website creation stage you are in: whether you’re creating an account, adding a new blog post, changing the background on the homepage or connecting a custom domain – everything can be done with just a few clicks, thanks to the visual interface of Wix.
• WordPress. Despite being the easiest open source CMS available, WordPress isn’t the easiest web publishing solution. It’s much more difficult to use than Wix, mainly because it doesn’t provide that streamlined workflow: with Wix you get everything (templates, hosting, widgets and more) with a single online account, and with WordPress you only get a CMS, so there’s definitely a steep learning curve for a beginner.WordPress doesn’t take the visual approach, so coding may be required if any customization has to be made.
Wix vs WordPress. If you know how to use a mouse, you can certainly build a site with Wix: it’s easy, intuitive, fun and requires no training. With WordPress, at least a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS is required.
While Wix is updated automatically and comes with included hosting, WordPress users must find a web host themselves and update their software manually.
2. Feature Set and Flexibility
• Wix. Wix is a versatile site builder that supports blogging (see our collection of Wix-based blogs) and eCommerce There are also many extensions that you can integrate into your website – Wix has a collection of various free and paid add-ons called App Market. Here are some examples: Holiday badges (free), Comments (free/premium), Events Calendar (free/premium), Live Chat Room (free/premium), Customer reviews (free/premium) and more.These applications are as easy to install and manage as the builder itself. Some are developed by Wix, others are provided by third-party developers. Let’s take a closer look at Wix’s in-house features:eCommerce: multiple payment options, the ability to generate coupon codes, tax management, product options etc. Wix’s Commerce engine is designed for small and mid-sized shops.Blogging: scheduled posts, featured posts, Facebook comments, blog archive and tag clouds.Forum: from now you can create a simple forum (you can install it from Wix App Market) within your Wix website. Wisely managing it, you will receive your own website community, that sounds pretty nice.Wix ShoutOut and Smart Actions. Your Wix website lets you easily gather information from your visitors as they interact with your site. All their info is automatically saved to the Contacts section in the dashboard.You can use this info later to create Smart Actions by choosing triggers and assigning actions. For instance, you can set Smart Actions to invite new shoppers to redeem a coupon when a new user signs up to your newsletter.Wix Code. Wix Code allows JavaScript experts to integrate individual feature sets into the websites. The website builder has become more beneficial for the advanced audience and their clients. Wix Code application can be as follows:The use of databases as a source of content for separate website sections and widgets;Addition of interactive elements through the property bar (it is also enabled in the developer mode) by means of specifying their behaviour under different terms of interaction (mouse hovering, double click, display in the visible screen area);The use of dynamic pages for content display. Web page templates will remain the same, but the content will change depending on the changes in its source – the connected database;
Creation of forms for sorting out and collecting user information to the database.
• WordPress. WordPress started as a blogging platform, but quickly developed from this single purpose and became a versatile program for creating various websites, from portfolios to webstores. This is possible thanks to numerous plug-ins which can add any kind of functionality to your site. There are social plugins, commenting systems, SEO packs, safety plugins and much more.
WordPress vs Wix. Balancing ease of use with complexity is difficult, so usually, the easier the tool, the less flexible it is. But this rule doesn’t apply to Wix. Today Wix gives you near-perfect combination of flexibility and ease-of-use that is harder to reach with using WordPress CMS.
3. Designs
Design Comparison Chart
Wix. You can choose from hundreds of beautiful, fully-customizable templates in over 70 industry categories.
There are also one-page templates (landing pages) and blank templates that define your future site’s structure but have no content in them.
Wix’s templates are undoubtedly beautiful, but there’s a significant drawback – users can’t switch templates midway through the editing process.
All Wix templates are mobile-ready, and you can alter the mobile look of your site using Wix’s Mobile Editor.
• WordPress. There are two places to find WordPress themes. WordPress theme directory, which is the biggest and most official place to get a theme, and independent marketplaces and theme shops. There are free and paid themes.Unlike Wix, WordPress doesn’t support WYSIWYG editing, so before attempting to edit a WordPress theme, you’ll have to learn to read code. You can switch WordPress themes anytime.
Wix vs WordPress. You can customize Wix’s themes in a WYSIWYG editing environment, but with WordPress, what you see is often not what you get – without having at least a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, it will be almost impossible to get the desired look.
4. Customer Support
• Wix. Wix has a massive support center. There are over 262,000 topics posted in the official support forum, hundreds of video tutorials and walkthroughs, email support and also an entire education program – WixEd.There are many prompts in the editor itself – nearly every editable element in the control panel comes with a help icon – just click it for more information.
• WordPress. You’ll have no trouble finding WordPress experts – there’s a huge community of webmasters specializing in WordPress. But there’s no official support staff.
WordPress vs Wix. WordPress is widely used; you’ll find hundreds of blogs, communities and YouTube channels dedicated to this CMS, but there’s no direct email to call for help. Wix provides direct help and runs an extensive knowledgebase.
5. Pricing Policy
• Wix. Wix is a freemium site builder. You can create and publish an ad-supported website with a free account and it will remain so until you decide to upgrade your site. There are five paid versions: Connect domain ($4.50/mo), Combo ($8.50/mo), Unlimited ($12.50/mo), eCommerce ($16.50/mo) and VIP ($24.50/mo). These are discounted if you choose to pay annually.
• WordPress. The CMS itself is free. But in order to get published you’ll need to purchase a hosting plan. Let’s do some math to help you estimate the cost of your WordPress site: hosting ($7-$12/mo) + theme (free/$20-$100, one time payment) + plugins (free/$20-$200, one time payment).
Wix vs WordPress. Wix plans cover hosting, themes and free extensions. But the price can go up if you need to install a paid application from the Wix app market. WordPress is free, and the cost will depend on how many plugins you need, your hosting provider, whether you need a premium theme and more.
You may also need to hire a developer if deep customization has to be made. So the total cost of your WordPress website may reach hundreds of dollars.
While WordPress seems to be more powerful than Wix, you’re still need to learn a lot of HTML/CSS to succeed with this CMS. If you’re willing to spend your time and make an effort, then WordPress is a smart decision. Note that WordPress requires constant maintenance, and things can get very technical, very quickly.
Wix, on the contrary, does all the heavy lifting for you, and all that’s required from your side is uploading your content and slight customizations. It’s easy, fun and effective.
The only way WordPress suits better is blogging as this CMS was initially made for blogs. Whether you need a simple five-page business site, a landing page or a powerful web portal with integrated online store, Wix will certainly handle it.

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Creato Web आपको सबसे आसान, सबसे तेज़ और सबसे प्रभावी तरीके से अपने लक्षित दर्शकों तक पहुँचने में मदद करता है। हम आपको भारत के भीतर कहीं भी मोबाइल फोन और लैंडलाइन पर कॉल करने में सक्षम बनाते हैं।


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Creato Web सोशल मीडिया व Election Promotion IT सोलूशन्स चुनाव प्रबन्धन कम्पनी में से एक है जो अपनी विभिन्न सेवाओं द्वारा प्रत्याशियों के इमेजबिल्डिंग से लेकर, उनके चुनाव प्रबन्धन तक का कार्य करती है। हमारी सोशल मीडिया व आईटी सेल सोलूशन्स एवं चुनाव प्रबन्धन सम्बन्धित सेवायें सम्पूर्ण भारत में उपलब्ध हैं।
चुनाव प्रचार के दौरान किसी भी नेता को लोगों तक पहुॅंचने के लिए और अपनी भावी योजनाओं के बारे में सूचित करने के लिए विभिन्न माध्यमों की जरूरत पड़ती है ताकि वह अपना मिशन, विजन और काम लोगों तक पहुॅंचा सके । चुने जाने के बाद वह जनता के लिए क्या काम करेंगे इत्यादि जानकारी का उनके निर्वाचन क्षेत्र के लोगों तक पहुॅंचना अत्यन्त महत्वपूर्ण है ।
चुनाव में प्रत्याशी का मुख्य उद्देश्य अपने विचारों को आम जनता तक पहुॅंचाने के लिए और उनके मन में अपनी सकारात्मक छबि की निरन्तरता बनाये रखने के लिए हम मोबाइल मीडिया और सोशल मीडिया सम्बन्धी सेवाएं प्रदान करते हैं, जैसे – Bulk SMS | Voice Calls | Whatsapp Marketing | SMM | जो प्रचार का बेहतर माध्यम हैं और जिससे कम से कम खर्च में ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगों तक आपकी बात पहुॅंचाई जा सकती है।
इसके अलावा हम चुनाव प्रचार की रणनीति से लेकर, उनके सफल क्रियान्वयन तक का काम करते हैं। हम न सिर्फ प्रत्याशियों को कम लागत में बेहतर और आधुनिक जनसंपर्क माध्यम उपलब्ध कराते हैं, बल्कि समाज में उनकी सकारात्मक छबि बनाने में सहयोग करते हैं। हमारे सोशल मीडिया एक्सपर्ट्स आपको सोशल मीडिया का उपयोग करने वाले युवा वोट बैंकों से जोड़ेंगे।
Creato Web सोशल मीडिया व आईटी सोलूशन्स का कौशल महज चुनाव प्रचार तक सीमित नहीं है, चुनाव प्रचार इसका एक छोटा सा अंग है । हमारा काम प्रत्याशियों की सशक्त छबि बनाने का है और हम निरन्तर प्रयास करते हैं कि हमारी अनुभवी टीम अत्यधिक हाई-टेक सेवाओं की मदद से लोगों की सोच में आपकी सकारात्मक छबि बनाये रखे ताकि आप ज्यादा से ज्यादा वोट आकर्षित करें ।


Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS क्या है 

Bulk SMS क्या है Bulk SMS कैसे भेजे आज के इस पोस्ट में हम जानेंगे कि एक साथ कैसे 1000 लोगो को SMS भेजे जा सकते है. कई बड़ी कंपनियां होती है जो अपने कस्टमर को एक साथ मैसेज भेजती हैं जैसे टेलिकॉम कंपनी आईडिया, एयरटेल, जियो को ही ले लीजिये उनके पास करोड़ो मोबाइल नंबर है अब इन कंपनी के लिए एक एक करके SMS करना तो संभव नहीं इसलिए ये कंपनी अपने कस्टमर को ऑफर बगेरह की जानकारी देने के लिए Bulk SMS का इस्तेमाल करती हैं.

Bulk SMS कैसे करे?

आपको बता दे कि एक साथ मैसेज भेजने की प्रक्रिया को Bulk SMS कहते हैं अब सवाल ये उठता है कि Bulk SMS करने की कब जरुरत पड़ती है तो जैसे टेलिकॉम कंपनियों को अपने कस्टमर को किसी ऑफर की जानकारी देना हो. अगर आप अपने शॉप या फिर बिजनेस का मार्केटिंग प्रोमोशन करना चाहते हैं तो वहां आपको बल्क SMS की जरुरत पड़ती है इसके अलावा शादी फंक्शन में बहुत सारे लोगो को इनविटेशन देना चाहते हैं ऐसे में एक एक आदमी को मैसेज भेजने की बजाय एक मिनिट में एक साथ बहुत सारे लोगो को SMS करके आप अपना समय बचाने के साथ एक एक मैसेज भेजने की परेशानी से बच सकते हैं.

Voice Call कॉल क्या हैं? 

बल्क वॉयस कॉल पहले से रिकॉर्ड किए गए वॉयस मैसेज हैं जो पूरे देश में मोबाइल और लैंडलाइन नेटवर्क पर भेजे जाते हैं। वे स्वचालित कॉल हैं और कंप्यूटर प्रबंधित सूचियों का उपयोग करते हुए एक साथ कई नंबरों की स्वचालित डायलिंग को शामिल करते हैं। यह संचार तकनीक व्यापक है।
बल्क वॉयस कॉल आपको मोबाइल और लैंडलाइन नंबरों के लिए जाने-माने भाषाओं में वॉयस विज्ञापन / पहले से रिकॉर्ड किए गए वॉयस मैसेज भेजने में सक्षम बनाती हैं। वॉइस कॉल उत्पादों को बढ़ावा देने और संदेशों और सूचनाओं को प्रसारित करने के लिए उपयोग किए जाने वाले शक्तिशाली उपकरण हैं। बल्क वॉयस कॉल का सबसे बड़ा फायदा यह है कि यह अपेक्षाकृत कम समय में बड़ी संख्या में लोगों को संदेश देता है। बल्क वॉयस कॉल एक भाषा अनुकूलन सुविधा के साथ आती है जो संदेश को विभिन्न भौगोलिक पृष्ठभूमि के लोगों तक पहुंचने की अनुमति देती है।
अधिकांश लोग अंग्रेजी पाठ से परिचित नहीं हैं। भाषा अनुकूलन उपकरण उद्यमों को उनकी पसंदीदा भाषा में ध्वनि संदेशों के माध्यम से लोगों तक पहुंचाने में सक्षम बनाता है।


Bulk voice calls




वॉयस कॉल के लिए व्यापक रूप से उपयोग किया जाता है

  • वितरित करें या सदस्यों, कर्मचारियों, ग्राहकों और संभावनाओं से प्रतिक्रियाएं प्राप्त करें।
  • आवश्यकता पड़ने पर सूचनाएं दें।
  • राजनीतिक अभियान प्रचार, मतदाता पंजीकरण, वोट अनुस्मारक।
  • विवाह अनुस्मारक अनुस्मारक (विशेष पैकेज)।
  • विपणन उत्पादों और सेवाओं।
  • घोषणाएँ।
  • ईएमआई, बीमा प्रीमियम जैसे रिमाइंडर दें।
  • प्रीसेट नियुक्तियों, पूर्व-निर्धारित बैठकों और सम्मेलनों की पुष्टि करें।
  • हाँ / नहीं प्रतिक्रियाएँ भी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं।
  • बंधक दलालों के लिए लीड पीढ़ियों।
  • सामाजिक कारण के लिए धन उगाहना।
  • चर्चों, पार्टियों और संगठनों के लिए घटना की अधिसूचना।
  • व्यापार पिक / वितरण फोन सूचनाएं।
  • नियुक्ति अनुस्मारक।
  • सूचना वृद्धि प्रक्रिया के लिए आईटी सपोर्ट स्टाफ।
  • अपनी खुद की आवाज में रिकॉर्ड और आवाज का प्रसारण।
  • आउटबाउंड वॉइस कॉल आईवीआर।
  • कॉल शेड्यूलिंग।
  • सत्कार।
  • स्वास्थ्य देखभाल।
  • संग्रह एजेंट (टेलीफोन बिल, किस्त देय आदि)।
  • उपयोगिताएँ (ईबी, टेलीफोन, गैस, आदि)।
  • बैंक शाखाओं, बीमा एजेंटों।
  • ट्रैवल एजेंट, टूर ऑपरेटर।
  • शिक्षण संस्थान।
  • दुकानें और प्रतिष्ठान।
  • कार्यालयों और कॉर्पोरेट घरानों।
  • रिसॉर्ट्स, थीम पार्क।
  • सुपरमार्केट / मॉल।
  • मीडिया व्यवसाय।
  • स्टॉक ब्रोकर और बैंकर्स।




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Software Development Company in Pune | India

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  • Object Modeling language
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • We develop your Software that can work in Online and Offline Both mode also
  • Information for security
  • You can create different employee panel also with different role and requirements.
  • Your Software application Scope because we have Development also complete planning.
  • Your Software never down. We have the best hosting service provided
  • The Software Development with complete planning and scope of your application.


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Top benefits of WooCommerce Dynamic CRM Integrations

Top 10 Benefits of a WooCommerce Dynamics CRM Integration


In B2B eCommerce applications, delivering a great customer experience is fundamental. B2B companies can’t compete unless they offer self-service convenience. The best way to give customers what they demand is integrating all of your business applications bi-directionally to automate data capture, validation, and transfer in real-time. Woocommerce-Dynamics CRM integration delivers the full benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM software and Woocommerce on the popular WordPress Content Management System. The following are 10 of the top benefits of eCommerce CRM integration:


Dynamic Crm


1. Attracting and Retaining B2B Customers

CRM software and a dynamic content management system help companies attract and retain new customers, convert leads into sales and generate greater customer loyalty by offering a seamless online experience. Integration fuels greater functionality across all business systems to attract customers and convince them to reorder.

2. Automating Key Marketing and Lead-nurturing Tasks

Integration can trigger a host of business processes that enhance marketing and nurture leads such as triggering reminders to make calls, send emails, schedule demos and follow-up on sales and inquiries. The system can identify high-quality leads and select the right salespeople to send them to based on any criteria that the company sets.

3. Syncing New Customers Across Business Channels

Customer sync features automate syncing data across sales channels. Even a new customer’s information is transmitted to all company records and business applications so that a new customer can take advantage of all the platform’s features instantly. Any new information about customers automatically updates throughout the system including Dynamics CRM software and Woocommerce.

4. Managing B2B Catalogs

Managing complex catalogs is easy using Clarity’s Connect integration platform. [1] Updating prices is just a matter of creating a list in Dynamics CRM on the settings page. Within 5 minutes, WordPress integrations will update Woocommerce catalogs. You can customize how often products are synced, whether it be once a day for stock quantities and pricing, then in real-time at checkout so a customer can be sure the item is in stock.

5. Providing Automated Order-fulfillment Services for Customers

Woocommerce integration offers limited abilities to manage B2B catalogs, but with eCommerce CRM integration and a Clarity Connect integration, a B2B platform can connect to any application for endless possibilities. For example, special features for customers can include integrated shipping widgets that calculate taxes from multiple jurisdictions, add VAT to prices, calculate taxes and duties for global shipping and connect customers with shipping carriers directly on the sales platform.

6. Setting Special Prices and Pricing Tiers

Setting custom prices for each customer is easy. Woocommerce users can login and the integration will pull the pricing table from the account’s pricing table in CRM, updating the pricing specific to each customer. Regular or retail customers can’t see special prices that they’re not authorized to view. This is often referred to as multi-tiered pricing or custom pricing rules.

7. Delighting Customers with Better User Experiences

A recent study found that eight out of 10 executives understand the overwhelming value of the user experience and are making it a priority. [2] B2B sales cycles can be long and complex, so creating superior user experiences is one of the most important benefits of a Clarity-developed Woocommerce Dynamics integration.

8. Preparing Custom Quotes in Real-Time

Today’s B2B customers are more demanding because of advanced technology. Customers want small runs, personalized products and customizing options. Many companies offer special pricing tiers to increase sales conversions, but getting approval for custom quotes using manual processes can cause delays that kill the sale. Integration updates prices, costs, profit margins and inventory figures in real-time so that sales teams can prepare fast quotes and get any necessary approvals automatically.

9. Raising Brand Awareness

An integrated eCommerce store can raise brand awareness in many ways such as promoting special catalogs, collecting name brands in a sub-catalog and offering store-within-a-store catalogs for special departments and groups, as well as custom stores developed just for special B2B clients.

10. Monitoring Multiple Marketing Channels

Most companies use multiple marketing channels including paid advertising, SEO, social media, traditional marketing and digital promotions. About 37 percent of buyers ask product questions in social media forums. [3] Integration gives sales managers a comprehensive view of all activities within their CRM, on a single interface to monitor sales efforts.

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